Krystyna Wymetal, MA, born 4 September 1956 in Mielec, Poland


I studied economic geography and philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. In order to finance my studies I worked part-time in the processing of amber: I learned to cut and polish it and how to make amber necklaces.

Having completed my studies, in 1996 I opened my own Amber Room (“Bernsteinzimmer”), a shop in Vienna’s Inner City (Kleeblattgasse 13), and in 1999 I was able to open an additional shop.

I obtain my amber from Lithuania, directly from amber artisans and designers, and work it in cooperation with the best-known goldsmiths and silversmiths in the country.

After 22 years of passionate and successful work in my Amber Room and following modern marketing trends, I have decided to present amber to a still wider range of lovers of fine jewellery by setting up an online website.

As a member of the Amber Working Group of the Society for the Promotion of the Geological-Palaeontological Museum of the University of Hamburg and of the International Amber Association in Poland, I guarantee that the amber jewellery I am selling has been produced using natural Baltic amber, that is, that my amber is authentic and ground, turned and polished, but never heated, pressed or artificially coloured.

Every item is unique and comes with a certificate of guarantee from the International Amber Association in the form of a booklet containing information about the sources and properties of amber.

Amber, a fossilized pine resin, is one of the oldest gem stones with healing properties in the world and its medicinal applications, when it is worn next to the body, are unrivalled.