As early as in Ancient Rome amber was considered a huge luxury. People drank from amber vessels and amber was used to decorate anything of value, for example, mirrors, frames, oil lamps and clocks.

Our collection of natural amber accessories is produced without exception from natural amber: it is ground, turned, cut and polished, but never pressed or heated. Our small but high-quality selection of natural amber accessories has been made into pieces of rare beauty. Using 925 sterling silver in amber letter openers, tea spoons, tie pins and cuff links makes for a perfect combination. We use materials from silver, stainless steel and glass to complement our amber accessories.

The gleaming yellow, red, honey-coloured or the rare grey-black, green or milky white shades of natural amber made each individual piece a pleasure to the eye.

Our expert tip: Protect your natural amber accessories from chemicals and perfumes in order to enjoy their unique colour and form for a long, long time.